The Elementary and Adolescent students having a joint class meeting

Now and into the future…

In 2012, IMA opened with a Toddler Program and a Primary Program. Now, in 2020, our school community consists of a Nido program, two YCC classrooms, three Primary classrooms, four Elementary classrooms, an Adolescent Program, and the first Montessori High School in Madison!

Each AMI Montessori program of Isthmus Montessori Academy is specially prepared to ignite the learning process and respond to the developmental needs of each child. Through scientific research, Dr. Montessori recognized specific tendencies and sensitive periods for learning. Each AMI Montessori environment of Isthmus Montessori Academy responds to the human tendencies, sensitive periods for learning, and the unique developmental stages for each child.

We are an authentic Montessori school, giving all our students the opportunity to be in control of their education, ensuring that they pursue their passions, retain what they learn, and stay eager to keep learning.

You may learn more about the Montessori Philosophy using the following links:

Montessori FAQs

Montessori Overview

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