Adolescent & High School

The Adolescent and High School levels include children ages 12-18. Young people may enter this level when they have fully reached the “Third Plane” of development, which usually occurs around age 12. 

The Adolescent and High School curriculum includes the studies of commerce and economics as well as music, physics, language, chemistry, art, mathematics, geometry, biology, physical education, geography, and history. Our curriculum also includes occupational groups, focusing on practical life skills in areas such as: microeconomy, living things, food service, and construction.

Students in the Adolescent and High School program participate in research both on and off campus, as well as a community-based internship in Grade 10. Our Adolescent and High School students serve as leadership and role models for our younger students, frequently working in all classrooms to provide support and mentorship to our community. IMA(P) is also in its candidacy phase with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization. Completion of this candidacy phase will make IMA(P) Madison’s only public IB High School.

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