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Shop At Amazon To Benefit IMA

You can do all of your Amazon shopping through IMA’s AmazonSmile Program to benefit our school.

All of Amazon’s original prices and services apply — you won’t pay any more than you normally would. There are no extra charges or different prices. But when you shop through IMA’s AmazonSmile Program, a percentage (see fine print below) of any purchases you make is sent to IMA by Amazon.

There are no limits on how many items you order or how many times you make a purchase at Amazon using this link, and you are welcome to publicize this link — i.e., let your family and friends know! Anyone can shop Amazon using IMA’s link and benefit our school.

To shop through IMA’s AmazonSmile Program, just click this link and shop as you normally would. You can bookmark the link above so that you always shop through the Program; or if you forget, come back to this page (or our Facebook page) and go through this link.

Remember – for our school to receive donations, you must enter Amazon through our Amazon link. This is an easy, transparent way to help out IMA. Bookmark the Amazon link above, and thanks for your support!


The Fine Print

  • IMA receives a percentage (typically 5%, maximum of $10 per item) of any items you order, except for “hard to find” or “out of print” items.
  • The percentage of sales IMA receives ranges from 4% to 10%, depending on what you purchase and our total shipped items for the calendar month. The more you shop using our IMA Amazon link, the more we will earn.
  • You need to go through IMA’s Amazon link first and then do your shopping. If you go to Amazon, select items, and then go back and click our Amazon link, your sale will proceed as normal but IMA will not receive any funds.
  • You have 24 hours from the time you click IMA’s Amazon link to put items in your cart to purchase. If you want to pay later, as long as you have gone through IMA’s Amazon link and added the items to your cart within 24 hours of going through our link, IMA will still receive a percentage (as long as you purchase the items in your cart within 90 days).
  • If you want to make multiple check-outs in a day (i.e., you pay for items in your cart, finalize the sale, then go back within 24 hours and buy something else), you’ll need to click through IMA’s link each time.
  • You won’t see anything that identifies you as an IMA shopper. The process should be transparent and just like any other time you shop at Amazon. As long as you go through IMA’s Amazon link, your purchase will earn IMA funds.
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