Would you like to see a Montessori Public School option in Madison?

Public Montessori schools have been a tremendously successful option as public schools and charter schools throughout the United States and in many cities and towns throughout Wisconsin.

Help make Madison a part of this movement!

Public Montessori education:

  • is for all children, regardless of socio-economic background
  • has been proven to help close the “opportunity gap”
  • answers the developmental needs of each individual child
  • develops a genuine love of learning
  • offers freedom within boundaries
  • fosters a sense of personal responsibility
  • encourages independence
  • addresses the needs of the whole child
  • allows children to learn from their own mistakes and make their own discoveries
  • teaches interpersonal skills through lessons in grace and courtesy
  • develops a strong community in the classroom and the school
  • lets children learn from each other in mixed-age classrooms
  • is aligned with Common Core standards
  • includes opportunities for service learning and real-world experience
  • has been shown to improve academics and increase graduation rates
  • celebrates and honors each student’s unique background and identity
  • encourages children to spend lots of time outdoors, including a “classroom garden”