Nat, Polly and Kai in the Nido classroom

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Isthmus Montessori Academy (Public) is hosting a series of Employment Events where potential applicants can gather together virtually to learn more about our school history, vision and mission for the future of education, in addition to the professional and personal benefits of working with our organization. Potential applicants are encouraged to register for an Employment Event using this Registration Form or by emailing We hope to see you there!

Complete our online application.  Alternatively you can fill out our PDF application and email it to us along with your resume.

Our growing school community serves children ages two months to 18 years, providing AMI Montessori Nido, Young Children’s Community, Primary, Elementary, and Adolescent Programs.

Our learning community has transformed into two branches; one continuing as a non-profit serving children from two months through three years, and the other branch (IMA Public) serving students from 4K through High School in AMI Montessori prepared environments as a tuition-free, public school. This is your opportunity to become part of the first, public AMI Montessori School in Madison, WI!

We are housed in an architect designed building with outdoor access from the lower-level classrooms, multiple gathering areas, a lactation room, a full commercial kitchen, and beautiful natural light throughout. Located at the base of the isthmus of Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin, our school benefits from access to the beautiful lakes, arboretum, world-class university, and one of the largest and best farmers markets! Madison is a city of culture, music, festivals, global cuisine, and full of caring, creative, innovative, and genuine people.

Our organization has partnerships with organic farms for our snack and hot lunch program. We are steps from a bus stop, allowing children to participate in an active Going Out Program within the beautiful city of Madison with its many resources, and we have enough green space for exploration, play, field sports, a chicken coop, and a garden.

Honoring the spirit of each child is the driving force for our teachers and families. Won’t you join us in offering education founded on peace, sustainability, and community? Isthmus Montessori Academy (Public) follows the same interview process for all applicants.
We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a school culture that is reflective of our greater community. You can find our employment opportunities on our website, as well as Indeed,, Purple Briefcase, Handshake, and other online job boards. If you are interested in learning more about the positions we have available, or our hiring process, please contact our Human Resources Department.

Lead Guides:

  • Young Children’s Community (toddlers)
  • Primary
  • Lower Elementary Elementary
  • Cross Classroom Guide (Special Education Teacher)

Supporting Educators:

  • Nido Supporting Educator (Infant, Full-time)
  • Young Children’s Community Supporting Educator (Toddler, Full-time)
  • Primary Supporting Educator (Full-time)
  • After School Supporting Educator (Full-time and Part-time)
  • Elementary Supporting Educator (Full-time)
  • Special Education Program Aides (Full-time and Part-time)

Specialty Positions:

  • AMI Certified Special Education Teacher*
  • Administrative Assistant
  • School Guidance Counselor/Academic and Career Planner
  • School Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • World Language Guide
  • Music and Ensemble Guide
  • Outdoor Guides

*Sponsorship available for Special Education Training, Montessori Training, and DPI License

Hiring Process

Step Duration
Applicant submits resume, cover letter, and application to the Human Resources Department Rolling process
Applicant answers preliminary written questions 1-3 business days after submitted application
Applicant schedules phone interview with Human Resources 1-3 business days after preliminary questions are answered
Applicant sends Human Resources references or letters of recommendation Dependent on applicant’s ability to provide references, typically 1-2 weeks
Applicant schedules classroom observations, COVID-19 dependent Dependent on the schedule of the school and applicant, typically 1-2 weeks after references are confirmed
Applicant schedules in-person interview with the Heads of School Typically scheduled for same date/time of classroom observation
Additional steps for Lead Guides, Student Service team members, and other positions, if applicable Duration
Applicant participates in an interview with a parent, staff member, and student Dependent on the schedule of the applicant and other interview panel members
Applicant presents a lesson to a group of students at the designated Program Level (typically Lead Guide) Dependent on the schedule of the school and applicant, typically scheduled for the same date/time of parent, staff, and student interview

Isthmus Montessori Academy respects the right of every person to participate in employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, disabled veterans or Vietnam era veterans status or membership/activity in a local human rights commission, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations of federal, state and local governing bodies. This applies in all areas of employment including recruiting, hiring, promotion, transfers, benefits and training.

Specifically, Isthmus Montessori will implement this nondiscrimination policy by providing equal employment and advancement opportunity on the basis of merit within the context of its unique environment.

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