The Adolescent learners have spent quarter two creating podcasts covering various economic-related topics. This work is our version of the Montessori microeconomy, so please consume, enjoy and share!

Real Estate Finance

Andy, Aleksander, and Joshua:  The Real Estate and Finances Podcast

Welcome to The Real Estate and Finances Podcast and today we have our guest, Ben Anton from Lauer Realty Group and Real Estate in the 608 Madison’s real estate magazine for your ears. Today we will be talking about real estate and finances.

cow with moovin on up

Brianna, Joey, Kieran, Luis and Ashley: Mooving on Up

Hello everybody, welcome to Mooving on Up. On today’s episode we have Dave Potter coming to join us, and talk about how COVID has affected the Wisconsin dairy industry.


cogwheels The Economics Behind the Minimum Wage

Cade, Miles, and Sophia: The Economics Behind the Minimum Wage

Our podcast The Economics Behind the Minimum Wage is about how the minimum wage affects the economy and the wellbeing of our communities. We will also talk about how much of a wage a family would need to live a comfortable life.

Ticket or click it

Clarity, Sophie, Anton, and Bryden: Ticket or Click It

In this episode of Ticket or Click It, we bring on Brent Lang, executive editor of film and media for Variety magazine, to talk about the current struggles of the film industry.


Money ocean waste

Emma, Sylvia, Bjorn, and Oscar: Money, Ocean, Waste

Money, Ocean, Waste, is a podcast mainly about helping our oceans become cleaner environments. We interviewed Kelly Osborn, who is a friend and colleague of Boyan Slat, who created a machine that cleans our oceans and it is powered by solar panels.

table with serving up perspective

Emma and Mercy: Serving up Perspective

Episode 1

Episode 2

If you have heard about factory farming you may not know what it’s really about. Come with us as we dive deeper into the deep economical depths of one of the world’s greatest murders, A.K.A. factory farming. Emma and Mercy bring you a podcast like no other escorted by astounding facts, detailed interviews with Wisconsin farmer Dela Ends, and great music too! We chat, talk and laugh together all while talking about factory farming and the economy.

the monkey podcast

Jurgis, Henry, Finn, Cassius, Rio, and Loney: The Monkey Podcast!

The Monkey Podcast! In this podcast the host Henry will be discussing the rise in sales through recent years in Call of Duty sales and really digging into where these sales stem from including, interviewing players in games and gathering internet opinions from social media.

 houses tenants and evictions

Malcolm: The Tenants and Evictions Podcast

Greetings, welcome to the Tenants and Evictions podcast. Today I will be joined by Robin Sereno but she is actually voiced by Carrie Marlette. Also today I will be talking about how people are dealing with evictions.

Penelope, Vincent, Evelyn, and Kate: Arts in a Pandemic

In this episode of Arts in a Pandemic, our host Evelyn Smith interviews Heather Harris, the director of marketing for the Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin. They discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the arts industry there. Listen to find out how the virus has affected non-profit art businesses and even Broadway.

Rose, Claira, Elizabeth, Leola, Julia, and Zaina: An Equal Economy

On the first- ever episode of An Equal Economy, we interviewed Melissa Buchholz about her experiences as a feminist business owner. We will go into the history of women in the workforce and discuss what it means to be a feminist in today’s economy.


team fortress cowboy hunter

Ellie: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a first-person-shooter released back in 2007. It’s existed for 14 years now, and though it’s old, it makes up for age with its snark. The gameplay isn’t the only feature, though– there’s also the cosmetic system, and subsequently, the Trade system. This simple exchange feature has turned into a full-blown economy due to a single, digital piece of metal: Keys.

the quincy encounter

Quincy: The Quincy Encounter





Keeping things real

Nicole: Keeping Things Real

Is one better than the other? Which is more impactful? Is buying local better than buying global? In this episode we will be comparing one over the other staring our guest speaker mark crave we will be only keeping things real.

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