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Has your child been been accepted for admission to IMA?

Great! Here are your next steps:

On this page are 12 PDF forms to be filled out for your child. Schools in Wisconsin are obligated to collect this information before a student can attend school.

IMA Enrollment Forms

Alternate Arrival Release Agreement
Authorization To Leave Care
Child Health Report
Child Intake Under Two
Childcare Enrollment Form
Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form
Health History and Emergency Care Plan
Pest Control Procedure
Sassy Cow Organic Milk Program
School Immunization Record
Tuition Rate Sheet

Confirmation of Forms Received


Haven’t worked with PDF forms before? All you have to do is download and save the documents below. Then print them out, fill in the information, sign them, and get them back to us.

If you’re not sure how to download and save a PDF document:

osxIf you’re on a Mac (OS X), control-click (or right-click) on the PDF document, and choose “Save as…” from the pop-up menu. Save the PDF somewhere on your computer where you’ll be able to access it later (like your Desktop or Downloads folder).


windowsIf you’re on a PC (Windows), it’s the same procedure. Right-click or ctrl-click on the link, and save to a spot on your computer you can access later.

Once you’ve downloaded and saved a PDF form, double-click it to open. If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, click here.

Once your PDF is open, you can print it out on your printer. Then you can fill out the forms by hand and bring or mail them in.

If you’re having trouble

Please call or email us at IMA and we’ll be able to help you print out and sign the documents. We know it’s a lot of PDFs. We’re happy to help.

Isthmus Montessori Academy

(608) 661-8200

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