How is IMA different from other Montessori schools?

  • IMA is the only public AMI Montessori school in Madison, WI.
  • IMA has a Five Star rating assigned by Wisconsin’s YoungStar program. This rating indicates that the school meets the highest level of quality standards, and allows us to offer care at a free or reduced rate to families who qualify.
  • IMA is located in an urban setting on the bus line, just under five miles to the steps of the capitol and downtown.
  • IMA offers school-sponsored transportation for students living on the Northeast side of Madison.
  • IMA serves Sassy Cow Creamery organic milks for lunch.
  • IMA offers a hot lunch program, which is offered at a free or reduced price for families who qualify for the program. IMA strives to provide Zero Waste Lunches, which products locally sourced from our school garden and other vendors in the area.
  • IMA offers parent education classes throughout the year: view the calendar of events page. Classes listed as D.E.E.P. – Discussion, Exploration, and Education for Parents.
  • IMA is founded upon the concept of education and learning as a family experience.
  • IMA respects each child as unique in their developmental needs while functioning graciously as a member of a family, a society, and most certainly of the world.
  • IMA partners with local community centers, such as East Madison Community Center, to support the needs of our students.
  • IMA participates and encourages students to go out into the community to establish relationships, partnerships, and practical-life skills when it is safe and healthy to do so.
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