Instead of a classroom that presents external curriculum taught at specific intervals each day,
You’ll find an environment that guides exploration based on their individual interests and fosters concentration.

Instead of clear and high expectations communicated with kindness using distinct rewards and consequences,
You’ll find clear and high expectations communicated with kindness while allowing room for mistakes and natural growth through natural or logical consequences.

Instead of classrooms and schools with bright colors, lots of artwork, and entertaining toys,
You’ll find an environment that presents order, beauty, and allows for each child to develop independently.

Instead of children learning how to ask adults for help and rely on them for guidance,
You’ll find children learning to be independent, critical thinkers who do things for themselves.

Instead of the main focus to be prepared for higher grade levels,
You’ll find the main outcome for your child at IMAP is to be and become peaceful, collaborative, independent, and self-motivated.

Instead of choosing early childhood care that prepares a child for conventional kindergarten,
You’ll find a learning environment that guides each child academically, socially and emotionally for school and life.

Instead of a focus on worksheets and fact memorization,
You’ll find concrete materials and an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum.

Instead of making sure that you know what your child experiences each day and talking with the teacher when you need to do so,
You’ll find you can be a partner with educators and listen to their knowledge and experience.

Instead of following an age-based curriculum,
You’ll find children learning at their own pace and being challenged at their unique level of abilities and understanding.

Instead of taking matters into your own hands to affect change within the community,
You’ll find you can be in partnership with a community of educators, children, and families and take responsibility for your communications to model effective change.

Instead of searching for happiness as an outcome,
You’ll find a place where learning, full of ups and downs, will be supported.

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